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Ashuraey Law is a boutique law firm that offers top-tier representation and large-case experience at competitive rates.  With a focus on chapter 11, Sam Ashuraey helps creditors in complex reorganizations maximize recoveries, and smaller businesses find long term financial solutions.

Services: Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and Commercial Transactions


Creditor Rights

Ashuraey Law provides creditors with experienced and cost-effective legal representation in any chapter 11 case, no matter how large and complex.  Sam Ashuraey’s services include assisting creditors with:

  • Claim Analysis: developing a deep understanding of the legal issues associated with a claim along with “big picture” case analysis, and exploring strategic considerations to help creditors make the best decisions.


  • Bankruptcy Claims Trading: navigating the claims transfer process, identifying opportunities, risks and market trends, and negotiating and drafting claims transfer documentation.


  • Preference and Other Avoidance Actions: preparing for and minimizing the risk that avoidance actions will be brought by a company in distress, analyzing the merits of actions and all possible defenses, and settling or litigating claims when they are asserted.


  • Contracts and Leases: maximizing the value of unexpired leases and executory contracts that have become entangled in the bankruptcy process, including by asserting administrative claims, securing maximum rejection damages, and ensuring satisfactory assumption and assignment.


Small Business Reorganization

Ashuraey Law counsels small to medium-sized businesses seeking solutions for unsustainable debt loads, crippling lawsuits, and other long term commitments.  These solutions may include workouts such as refinancing, or reorganizing under the recently-enacted Subchapter V of Chapter 11.  Sam Ashuraey has represented companies in complex in-court and out-of-court restructurings.  His extensive experience representing sophisticated and institutional creditors (including a major creditor in a precedent-setting Subchapter V case) provides smaller businesses with legal representation they need to negotiate with creditors on equal footing.

Commercial Transactions

Ashuraey Law represents parties on a variety of commercial transactions.  Sam Ashuraey’s experience includes representing investors, early-stage companies, and buyers of assets in 363 sales.


Sam Ashuraey


Sam believes in providing clients with holistic, well-researched and prompt analysis that allows them to make the best decisions under the circumstances, and implementing those decisions in a value-maximizing and efficient manner.  Sam has represented key stakeholders in several high-profile cases across multiple sectors, including crypto, retail, hospitality, oil & gas and utilities.  During his time at top corporate restructuring and bankruptcy practices, he gained broad experience as well as a deep familiarity with repeat players in the restructuring space.  A graduate of Columbia Law School and the University of Pennsylvania, Sam has been named in Best Lawyers: Ones To Watch and New York Super Lawyers: Rising Stars.


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